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National Ranking System for Australian Paper Tiger Sailors

The ranking system is based on the average points gained at the two most recent National Titles (Australian Championships). If there is a tie on points, it is broken by the position in the most recent title. If a ranked sailor misses a Nationals, they retain a provisional ranking for one year only by taking their previous two-year average and using it in place of their missed year. If a second consecutive year is missed, they lose their ranking and will need to sail two consecutive nationals to regain a new ranking.

Ranking is calculated separately from grading and is a ‘live’ update of a sailor’s competency. It is updated after every regatta contested to allow skippers to keep track of their progress over the sailing season. A high point system is used meaning the number of points you receive depends on the number of competitors.



A, B & C Grades for Use at Australian Championships

The APTCA has previously used the A, B, C grading system where A grade was for the top skippers, B grade for experienced sailors and C grade was for beginning sailors. The new structure will enable skippers to move between each of the three categories depending on their recent sailing performances.

A = Expert (Top Third)

B = Intermediate (Middle Third)

C = Beginner (Bottom Third)

Your grade for the upcoming season will be determined by your performances last season. The national championships, state titles and traveller series scores will be collated to determine your grade. Scores will be monitored over a three year period to ensure your grade is an accurate reflection of your performances.



A Rookie is a sailor sailing in their first National Title.

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