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National Ranking System for Australian Paper Tiger Sailors

The ranking system is based on the average points gained at the two most recent National Titles (Australian Championships). If there is a tie on points, it is broken by the position in the most recent title. If a ranked sailor misses a Nationals, they retain a provisional ranking for one year only by taking their previous two-year average and using it in place of their missed year. If a second consecutive year is missed, they lose their ranking and will need to sail two consecutive nationals to regain a new ranking.



A, B & C Grades for Use at Australian Championships


A Grade

To gain National "A" grade status, a skipper must finish in the top 25% at a National Title. To stay in "A" grade, you need to place in the top 25% of a Nationals or Internationals in the last three years.


B Grade

To gain National "B" grade status, a skipper must finish between 25% and 50% at a National Title. Once you gain "B" grade status, you cannot revert to "C" grade.


C Grade

National "C" grade is a skipper that has sailed at a Nationals but has not finished better than the last 50% of the fleet.



A Rookie is a sailor sailing in their first National Title.